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why Pro Bono:

'Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life', said Mark Twain. I'm not that optimistic, but because I do love what I do, and I have always met people creating a better world for themselves and their communities, I supported their efforts and contributed to their projects. Here are some examples.

Aiyana Goodfellow

Branding and website for an activist, writer, liberator—and a
delinquent. Aiyana is a young, Black, gender-infinite, neurodivergent, multidisciplinary artist, known for roles in Small Axe [2020, BBC] and The Outlaws [2021, BBC].


Lawrence Boxing

Branding and website for a member of my community, boxing, and fitness coach.


Branding and graphics for feminist dictionary, or alfa—fem, a community action educating about the history and the future of feminism.



Synchrony is a chamber music community project focusing on championing women in a men-dominated industry.

Edible London

Branding and graphics for the community food justice project based in north London.