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27 July, 2022
Tue, August 2nd, 2022
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World-class creative vision and delivery

I have worked closely with Agnieszka for nearly 10 years across multiple companies where she has acted as Creative Director. She has created many brands and hundreds of assets for me including: NEVA (Valneva UK’s online travel health training course); Pharmadoctor, Makewell and recently Prokey. I honestly believe Agnieszka’s creative vision and delivery is world-class. Each project she has worked on for me has produced results that have literally blown my mind and that of others. That’s why have brought her with me every step of the way through my journey.

If you choose to work with Agnieszka (and you really should), just give her a solid brief, sit back and watch the magic happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough and would publicly like to thank her for everything she had done for my businesses over the years.

Graham Thoms
Chief Executive Officer at PharmaDoctor™